Tutus, Tiaras, and Tea – Triple Threat!

Some of the best party ideas are for children. Usually, I tend to think it is because themes go unquestioned for children’s parties. “So the theme is fairy garden, ok great, tell me where I get my wand.” You might have even attended one of these events yourself. Make no mistake these parties can be elaborate, and expensive (no pin the tail on the donkey here). Although I not a mommy yet, I am an auntie, so these trends do not escape my attention. I have seen tea parties, tutu parties, and tiara party themes, I say why not marry all three and have a triple threat of cuteness, pink fluff and giggles? What can possibly be cuter?

The Tutu of Inspiration (information for purchase here)

[Image courtesy of Sofia’s Closet]

I am partial to light aqua (think sea glass) and pale pink as a color palette for his event. Some people prefer an all pink palette (Too much pink? Nonsense!) or even the incorporation of pale yellow and lavender.

Pinned Image

[Image courtesy of Brandy Bailey on Pintrest]

These cupcakes from Cupcakes Nouveau are chocolate-goodness personified and they are local, right her in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida.

[Image by Cupcakes Nouveau]

These cookies are breathtaking, I love that they are packaged instead of piled on a cake plate or tiered dish. The perfect party party favor to remember a beautiful event.

cookie favors

[Image courtesy of catchmyparty.com]

Tea and Cupcakes

[image by Party Ideas by Nohala Purdy]

A sublime cupcake display can really be a center of attention, but once all of those tiny hands have grabbed the delicious and dainty goodies off the tray what is left is not as pretty. Make sure some of your decor is not edible. Such as this lovely tiara centerpiece. I would replace the baby’s breath with hydrangea, for a more ethereal look. Additionally, I might substitute the pink carnations for ranunculus, one of my favorite blooms. I might also consider replacing the roses for pink peonies. GORGEOUS.

Pinned Image

[Image courtesy of Pinmarklet on Pintrest]

If you have access to a natural setting try this amazing idea. What little girl would not be enchanted?

Pinned Image

[Image courtesy of Pinmarklet on Pintrest]

Although, I have no reason to believe that my friends are inclined to wear a tutu and tiara, and sip tea in an enchanted fairyland setting listening to “The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies” from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite (enjoy that piece below), I am glad there are children in my life that will. The joy and pleasure that a party like this can bring is worth all the tea in China. I hope you are inspired for your own children or others, this magical setting is sure to be remembered for years to come.


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