Play it Again Sam

Casablanca. That is really all I should have to say and deep sighs should follow. Casablanca, sigh. However seeing as this is an Event Planning blog, I would like to present to you the all-time, most romantic Valentine’s day dinner party theme (or wedding should you wish to commit to that endeavor — would be breathtaking!!) ever.  Here is why I am thinking that this February 14th is the best time to visit Rick’s Cafe Americain — thus a theme party is born. Casablanca.

The Fedora Chronicles - Bogart as Rick

[Image courtesy of The Fedora Chronicles]

1. Decor, Food & Music – The best part of this theme is the beautiful backdrop of the Moroccan mystique of Casablanca, and the timeless fashion of “gin joints” in the 1940s. Serve cocktails is Moroccan glassware or even try Fashionably Bombed’s, Cool as a Cucumber gin cocktail (hello, Gin Joint, you must drink gin!) Try to remember that Casablanca above all else was a piano bar, so music goes hand in hand with completing your party ambience. As far as food goes, I suggest the food of a typical 40s cocktail party, smoked salmon canapés, foi gras, cheese puffs, and mini quiches lorraine, or my favorite go-to party pleaser, baked brie. Customize your menu to your guests preferences, allergies, etc.

[Image courtesy of Brides Magazine]

[Image courtesy of Fashionably Bombed]

2. Guests Attire – Have your guests channel the grace and style of Ingrid Bergman, Ava Gardner, Vivian Leigh, or any other 1940s starlet for the evening. Have the gents reconnect with a cooler time, when men dressed with that “j’ai ne se quoi” of the leading men of the 1940s, like Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant (oh my favorite!), Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart.

The Tough Chick

[Image courtesy of Fashion World]

[Image courtesy of Film Fatale]

3. Florals – Keep centerpieces simple, perhaps bright and fragrant blooms, such as Casablanca lilies, freesia and fresh fruit filled into Moroccan bird houses seen here.

[Image courtesy of Velvet Rope Events]

4. Entertainment – Play a Casablanca quotes game, or better yet show the movie itself. If your guests indulge the theme, they are probably already fans of this timeless piece of cinema. Use the movie as the center of attention. Give it the respect it deserves. Here’s looking at you kid.


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