Thanksgiving Day Feast

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and it seems appropriate for the inaugural post of EP to cover this most auspicious holiday, personally one of may favorites. Thanksgiving is usually all about the food; and while I agree it is important to keep things delicious and fresh I also think the feast should be as equally attractive as where the feast will be held. Case in point, I have collected some of the most breathtaking tablescaping ideas that will make your guests mouths water before the oven timer rings.

One of my favorite and simple table decor ideas is from Martha Stewart Living’s Thanksgiving Guide. Simple, real leaves used (artificial will work also) to wrap around simple votives create the beautiful golden glow. Perfect for intimate dinners, or in scattered throughout the room. Find Instructions to complete this beautiful project here.

[Image courtesy of Martha Stewart]

Personally, I love to use fruits and vegetables in floral arrangements. There are so many beautiful shapes and colors to appreciate it and October through November my house is pumpkin central. Pumpkins scream, “fall is here!” Being in Miami, sometimes we need reminding. Check out these beautiful table scapes comprised of nature’s bounty.

1. Full-on Orange – Squashes, kumquats and a bell pepper make a white ceramic soup tureen a bold centerpiece find alternate vegetable suggestions here.

[Image courtesy of Martha Stewart]

2. It’s the Great Pumpkin – a hollowed out white pumpkin mimics nature’s ceramic in this beautiful organic floral tablescape. Filled with mixed florals in autumnal shades of gold and rust.

[Image courtesy of Martha Stewart]

3. Cranberries – Simple glass votives filled with fresh cranberries and candles can make a a perfect accompaniment to delicious foods on the table. The most “clutter-proof” design, cranberry filled votives deliver on color and holiday theme. (We will see more of cranberries in December….I promise!)

[Image courtesy of Simplified Bee]

In following with the cranberry theme, I will share with you the Food & Wine Cranberry, Ginger and Orange Chutney recipe I made last year which everyone LOVED! The best part is that the left over chutney is perfect for making Thanksgiving Day Leftover Sandwiches. Never made leftover sandwiches before? Here is my formula, try to out and change it according to your taste.

Ultimate Thanksgiving Day Leftover Sandwich

2 slices of white mountain or fresh bakery bread (wide slices) lightly toasted
4 oz. of leftover turkey (white or dark meat –it is a preference thing)
1/4 cup mashed potatoes
1/4 cup stuffing
1/4 cup gravy
2 slices of cheddar jack cheese
2 tablespoons of cranberry chutney

Lightly toast your bread and melt one slice of cheese on each slice. Spread even layer of stuffing on each slice of toast. Repeat with mashed potatoes. Distribute turkey onto each slice of bread. Spread generous amount of cranberry chutney. Marry the slices together and build the best Thanksgiving leftover sandwich ever. Heat the gravy and use is as an au jus for dipping the sandwich. Delish!!!

Hope you enjoy and remember all the things we have to be thankful for.


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