Tutus, Tiaras, and Tea – Triple Threat!

Some of the best party ideas are for children. Usually, I tend to think it is because themes go unquestioned for children’s parties. “So the theme is fairy garden, ok great, tell me where I get my wand.” You might have even attended one of these events yourself. Make no mistake these parties can be elaborate, and expensive (no pin the tail on the donkey here). Although I not a mommy yet, I am an auntie, so these trends do not escape my attention. I have seen tea parties, tutu parties, and tiara party themes, I say why not marry all three and have a triple threat of cuteness, pink fluff and giggles? What can possibly be cuter?

The Tutu of Inspiration (information for purchase here)

[Image courtesy of Sofia’s Closet]

I am partial to light aqua (think sea glass) and pale pink as a color palette for his event. Some people prefer an all pink palette (Too much pink? Nonsense!) or even the incorporation of pale yellow and lavender.

Pinned Image

[Image courtesy of Brandy Bailey on Pintrest]

These cupcakes from Cupcakes Nouveau are chocolate-goodness personified and they are local, right her in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida.

[Image by Cupcakes Nouveau]

These cookies are breathtaking, I love that they are packaged instead of piled on a cake plate or tiered dish. The perfect party party favor to remember a beautiful event.

cookie favors

[Image courtesy of catchmyparty.com]

Tea and Cupcakes

[image by Party Ideas by Nohala Purdy]

A sublime cupcake display can really be a center of attention, but once all of those tiny hands have grabbed the delicious and dainty goodies off the tray what is left is not as pretty. Make sure some of your decor is not edible. Such as this lovely tiara centerpiece. I would replace the baby’s breath with hydrangea, for a more ethereal look. Additionally, I might substitute the pink carnations for ranunculus, one of my favorite blooms. I might also consider replacing the roses for pink peonies. GORGEOUS.

Pinned Image

[Image courtesy of Pinmarklet on Pintrest]

If you have access to a natural setting try this amazing idea. What little girl would not be enchanted?

Pinned Image

[Image courtesy of Pinmarklet on Pintrest]

Although, I have no reason to believe that my friends are inclined to wear a tutu and tiara, and sip tea in an enchanted fairyland setting listening to “The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies” from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite (enjoy that piece below), I am glad there are children in my life that will. The joy and pleasure that a party like this can bring is worth all the tea in China. I hope you are inspired for your own children or others, this magical setting is sure to be remembered for years to come.


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Play it Again Sam

Casablanca. That is really all I should have to say and deep sighs should follow. Casablanca, sigh. However seeing as this is an Event Planning blog, I would like to present to you the all-time, most romantic Valentine’s day dinner party theme (or wedding should you wish to commit to that endeavor — would be breathtaking!!) ever.  Here is why I am thinking that this February 14th is the best time to visit Rick’s Cafe Americain — thus a theme party is born. Casablanca.

The Fedora Chronicles - Bogart as Rick

[Image courtesy of The Fedora Chronicles]

1. Decor, Food & Music – The best part of this theme is the beautiful backdrop of the Moroccan mystique of Casablanca, and the timeless fashion of “gin joints” in the 1940s. Serve cocktails is Moroccan glassware or even try Fashionably Bombed’s, Cool as a Cucumber gin cocktail (hello, Gin Joint, you must drink gin!) Try to remember that Casablanca above all else was a piano bar, so music goes hand in hand with completing your party ambience. As far as food goes, I suggest the food of a typical 40s cocktail party, smoked salmon canapés, foi gras, cheese puffs, and mini quiches lorraine, or my favorite go-to party pleaser, baked brie. Customize your menu to your guests preferences, allergies, etc.

[Image courtesy of Brides Magazine]

[Image courtesy of Fashionably Bombed]

2. Guests Attire – Have your guests channel the grace and style of Ingrid Bergman, Ava Gardner, Vivian Leigh, or any other 1940s starlet for the evening. Have the gents reconnect with a cooler time, when men dressed with that “j’ai ne se quoi” of the leading men of the 1940s, like Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant (oh my favorite!), Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart.

The Tough Chick

[Image courtesy of Fashion World]

[Image courtesy of Film Fatale]

3. Florals – Keep centerpieces simple, perhaps bright and fragrant blooms, such as Casablanca lilies, freesia and fresh fruit filled into Moroccan bird houses seen here.

[Image courtesy of Velvet Rope Events]

4. Entertainment – Play a Casablanca quotes game, or better yet show the movie itself. If your guests indulge the theme, they are probably already fans of this timeless piece of cinema. Use the movie as the center of attention. Give it the respect it deserves. Here’s looking at you kid.

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Welcome 2012 in Style!

The holiday season is here. Thanksgiving, Christmas and then in a blink of an eye, New Year’s Eve. The bash of all bashes!! Usually for me, New Year’s Eve is a flurry of party people with crazy paper hats and noisemakers and sparkly confetti. I imagine this is what it is for most people. But there is another side of New Year’s Eve that is sophisticated and elegant, it the swanky soiree side. New Year’s Eve can be a very elegant event, given the proper attention, and when I think glitz, I think gold. Dressing up to ring in the New Year is always fun, so why not dress up your party area too? Here are a few inspired party ideas for a truly swanky soiree.

The ambient, gold-tones of this glitzy party sets the mood for tall, bubbly champagne flutes and a glistening guest list. This look was created by very talented Kate Martin of Beautiful Days.

[Image by Sweetest Occasions]

These gorgeous invitations from Martha Stewart (template available here) are a perfect, golden compliment to the glitz of the occasion.

[Image by Martha Stewart]

The event doesn’t have to end there. Perhaps a New Year’s Day Brunch? Martha Stewart has a beautiful idea for a gorgeous centerpiece incorporating fresh lemons, silver balls and gorgeous velvet leaves just reads “fresh” just like the new year.
[Image by Martha Stewart]

Ring in 2012 surrounded by beauty. Get inspired by the glitz of the holiday and have a beautiful event.

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Christmas Cranberry Decor

I love cranberries. They are so versatile. You can load them into glass vases with florals, frozen in ice cubes with mint leaves for gorgeous beverages, or in gorgeous topiaries, like this festive topiary design idea by Budget Wise Home.


However, this year’s christmas tree will don an old classic reimagined. That’s right the cranberry garland. If you choose to go truly “old school” add popcorn (the non-buttered and preferably stale popcorn works best).  Best of all the garland can be put on outdoor trees for birds to feed on. I particularly like this tree from Southern Living with full strands of all cranberries and full strands of all popcorn.


Never made a popcorn-cranberry garland? Learn here. Recruit friends to help! The best “recruits” are kids anxiously awaiting Christmas day, no better project for anxious little hands.  Try out and see, you will one the freshness of the cranberry and the nostalgia of the popcorn.

Personally, I prefer the all cranberry versions. Just check out this gorgeous mantle decked with cranberry garland; beautiful.

Cranberry garland decor




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Thanksgiving Day Feast

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and it seems appropriate for the inaugural post of EP to cover this most auspicious holiday, personally one of may favorites. Thanksgiving is usually all about the food; and while I agree it is important to keep things delicious and fresh I also think the feast should be as equally attractive as where the feast will be held. Case in point, I have collected some of the most breathtaking tablescaping ideas that will make your guests mouths water before the oven timer rings.

One of my favorite and simple table decor ideas is from Martha Stewart Living’s Thanksgiving Guide. Simple, real leaves used (artificial will work also) to wrap around simple votives create the beautiful golden glow. Perfect for intimate dinners, or in scattered throughout the room. Find Instructions to complete this beautiful project here.

[Image courtesy of Martha Stewart]

Personally, I love to use fruits and vegetables in floral arrangements. There are so many beautiful shapes and colors to appreciate it and October through November my house is pumpkin central. Pumpkins scream, “fall is here!” Being in Miami, sometimes we need reminding. Check out these beautiful table scapes comprised of nature’s bounty.

1. Full-on Orange – Squashes, kumquats and a bell pepper make a white ceramic soup tureen a bold centerpiece find alternate vegetable suggestions here.

[Image courtesy of Martha Stewart]

2. It’s the Great Pumpkin – a hollowed out white pumpkin mimics nature’s ceramic in this beautiful organic floral tablescape. Filled with mixed florals in autumnal shades of gold and rust.

[Image courtesy of Martha Stewart]

3. Cranberries – Simple glass votives filled with fresh cranberries and candles can make a a perfect accompaniment to delicious foods on the table. The most “clutter-proof” design, cranberry filled votives deliver on color and holiday theme. (We will see more of cranberries in December….I promise!)

[Image courtesy of Simplified Bee]

In following with the cranberry theme, I will share with you the Food & Wine Cranberry, Ginger and Orange Chutney recipe I made last year which everyone LOVED! The best part is that the left over chutney is perfect for making Thanksgiving Day Leftover Sandwiches. Never made leftover sandwiches before? Here is my formula, try to out and change it according to your taste.

Ultimate Thanksgiving Day Leftover Sandwich

2 slices of white mountain or fresh bakery bread (wide slices) lightly toasted
4 oz. of leftover turkey (white or dark meat –it is a preference thing)
1/4 cup mashed potatoes
1/4 cup stuffing
1/4 cup gravy
2 slices of cheddar jack cheese
2 tablespoons of cranberry chutney

Lightly toast your bread and melt one slice of cheese on each slice. Spread even layer of stuffing on each slice of toast. Repeat with mashed potatoes. Distribute turkey onto each slice of bread. Spread generous amount of cranberry chutney. Marry the slices together and build the best Thanksgiving leftover sandwich ever. Heat the gravy and use is as an au jus for dipping the sandwich. Delish!!!

Hope you enjoy and remember all the things we have to be thankful for.

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